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4 years ago
And also the fact that Vincent Kompany was undressing Torres in the box. Shirt pulling is a penalty so I'm pretty sure that undressing someone is worse
That is completely irrelevant, there are always going to be games when the ref seems to be against you and to bring up such a random game in the past has no bea...
I agree. Torres needs to do something
Honestly first half was great for us. All in all I don't think the game was horrid for chelsea although mikel was horrid and ramires wasn't as sharp as he was (...
Somewhere on FootyTube
You're absolutely right. It takes something special to accept and show that type of humility, especially with the egos that these world class players seem to ha...
Spain had zero almost the first 90
Says the barcelona fan...
Thank you for your wise input
6 years ago
I don't think it the idea was to sacrifice anything, we have had an outrageous schedule for the past few weeks in fact maybe the last two months. fighting in th...
As a chelsea fan I've had plenty of ridicule through the years. especially the last two years when chelsea have had these mysterious slumps of form. its not fun...
No lie there were tears in my eyes...and poop in my underwear cause i s**t myself 3 times during the match
Ill take the underdog role. nobody expects us to if we do it will so much more f*****g glorious
That game was nuts
Sigh...well as salty as you are, it doesn't matter if the second goal went in or not. teams have to pick up and keep playing on. do you remember when tottenham ...
Batmobile is the mazda taiki
Honestly this scares me...what if wigan ACTUALLY acquired decent forwards? or learned to finish? where would they be now...hmmm...
How on earth was the second goal offside? only the first one was.
It's funny marc no one likes you. not even your fellow barca fans like you. rough.
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