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08daniel (Daniel)
2choices (Eric Githome) from Toronto, Canada
2oman (Chingo) from Palm Coast, USA
Winger. Defensive - mid
30gnal (Farhad Khademy)
"a man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything.
911C4S (Dean Smith) England
Aachtemichuk (Alex Achtemichuk) from Montreal, Canada
Aaron222 (Meep)
Aatir (Atir)
Ababz (Ayo Bab)
Abdul (Abdul Moiz)
Abukkk (Fendunho)
ACES21 (Dwight Sylvester) from Toronto, Canada
As a midfielder, I specialize my skill set as a center defensive-mid tactician, but I can make passes as a playmaker and often rotate outside to the wings for crosses! My playin ...
Acmfan (Tatosh)
Acobd10 (Will Payne) from College Station, USA
Acorrea (Andres Correa)
Adookoo (Aduku Samuel)
Aeaglan (Alaaedeen) from Toronto, Canada
Live positive & leave a positive impact on everything and everyone around you. That is the only way that we can improve your world. Bit by bit, one person at a time. Do the right t ...
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