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Hearing Tommy Smyth announce a Wayne Rooney goal
Cry-baby Cristiano Ronaldo and the dirty Italians
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"SEANF24" when ronaldo dropped a hat trick on barthez that was actually one of united's worst seasons in the recent era, finishing 3rd in the epl and relying al...
6 years ago
Yeah and madrid won in 2002, should throw that out there otherwise you would kindly remind me mr facts
Well lets look at the facts, in the last decade a spanish clubs have won 3 times, same for italian clubs, and english clubs twice, and that goes without saying ...
If you boys think barca and madrid would dominate the premiership you are dreaming, the epl is the most competitive league in the world la liga is simply does n...
One of the worst calls in sporting history, to hell with anyone who thinks otherwise
8 years ago
Jonarsenal, burnley EARNED their win, i congratulate them and will not manke any excuses for that match, and no the season is not over but this is an important ...
I get tired of games like this with poor refereeing, also can anyone explain why you would be a fan of chelsea? i try to at least respect the team but apart fro...
Ferdinand has been in poor form lately, good for ukraine though, can't wait for the world cup this game reminds me why, would have been great to see a late goal...
Great game, italy was lucky to score near the end, hopefully ireland can continue their success in the future
Richard dunne is everything a footballer should be, my favorite back in the world right now, wish more were like him
I love how chelsea fans think they will win the premiership after being undefeated for the few games in the beginning of the season, there will always be upsets...
He has more class than ronaldo, that's for sure
Wolves are staying
Looks like another chelsea united title race, i wouldn't have it any other way
Dunne IS a top defender, city was very foolish for giving him away he was the fan's voted favorite for a reason, but then again city are a new team now and i do...
Incredible game, but again shows money doesn't buy everything in football, it actually makes your team garbage especially after city got rid of dunne... pretty ...
Spurs are coming back for vengeance after losing to united, watch out you hosers
A good article, i think it will be decided by a late winner though, 2-1 united, rooney with the winner
...uhhhhh, maybe because van persie didn't kick anyone in the face? did you watch the game? yikes
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