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Burrr wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
I would really like to pull some value and breadth from this article, but as it turns out, it actually provides none. It does nothing but report well known idea...
Arteta-Pienaar situation would have been a tough PK to call for the ref... 1, the angle of the ref 2, the nature of Arteta 3, Arteta and Everton history 3.1, Ar...
I'm a little amazed Badstuber still gets so much time. He had a dreadful Euros and is by far the most culpable defender on the squad.
Trying Kaka wouldn't have been a bad idea. I feel like too many RM players don't actually expect to beat Barca, Ozil included. Kaka hasn't suffered the same def...
"Iniesta is not a player to feign a dive in the opponents penalty area" ? Iniesta is a disaster! One of the most talented players ever, but also a card-waving, ...
Yea, you can't call that Pedro goal offsides. Too close, too far from ball, and tie goes to the attacker.
Eat s**t, Green-Laser-Pointer-Asshole.
Additionally, I do hate me some SRamos, I do love his insistent Diver-Grab-Lift he employs on Sanchez repeatedly. The muscle in Pepe's absence.
First one on camera complaining to the ref about Sanchez dive... Pedro.
Agreed its not quite so deliberate, but I wholeheartedly think that after not getting a card from his first dive, he felt emboldened enough to get his right leg...
How does how Pepe is playing vindicate Busquets? Sergio is a sneaky little s**t that SHOULD have gotten caught out and his antics determine the outcome of that ...
Everyone not drinking the same Kool-Aid is considered hate, despite saying how nasty Messi and Barca are. DUH
Spelt, yes. Pronounced, no.
What did you guys think about Lamps? Aside from clinically sinking his PK, I thought with Mata and Hazard both being huge attackers, Lamps sort of didn't know w...
Close, man. Its U-23 except each squad gets up to 3 DP (Designated Players as they say in MLS) that can be older than that, as it was/is designed to be a tourna...
Pretty sure he meant Spurs..
6 years ago
I generally have no problem with Stokes level of defensive physicality, but watch Shawcross and his ridiculous herding/wrap-up technique. Almost every time Ever...
Oh please! The squad was almost half starters, and the one exclusion for Everton, Howard, was the decisive one. That and you guys won against the run of play.
Yea, each ones a cracker these days. Just wish the Toffees had pulled it out.
This was one of the more exciting games, much less group stage games, that I've ever seen. What an AWESOME game!
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