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Its gonna happen, dont you worry about that ;)
3 years ago
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Brazil - Germany (WCSF 2014, 1:7)
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5 years ago
Congrats to your great spredsheet but im afraid statistics are almost always useless when it comes to football. just watch neuer before you judge him
Current values: 1. casillas 35m€ 2. neuer 30m€ 3. cech 25m€ 4. hart 24m€ 7. de gea 17m€ 12. courtois 15m€ 19. buffon 10m€ 20+++. diego lopez 5m€...
@Theatreofdream worthless statistic because at times bayern doesnt even concede a shot for over 90 minutes. actually i dont see at all what youre talking about....
I dont know at all what youre talking about ... with pep..without pep..with three titles..without any titles..the expectation for next season would be the same ...
Please remember saying this after the world cup '14. gotze, hummels, gundogan, reus, muller, ozil and kroos, so pretty much all the people who stuck it to la l...
Bruninho nominated A. Robben (73') for Goal of the Week
I dont see barca giving 110%.. im very disappointed by their performances in the ucl this season. They seemed highly unmotivated, just like in the second leg ag...
If the PL Teams keep f*cking up their squads the way they do then i expect the bundesliga to be right up there. It's not unlucky they all blew it in the CL, the...
Of course the Bundesliga doesnt have as many great teams as the Premier League, and not as many great players as la Liga, but it is still far ahead of the Serie...
Bruninho thought the Bayern München v Werder Bremen match was average
To be fair, bayern were playing against 10 after the 44' minute
Man of the match obviously petr!
6 years ago
No, 1st class. thats the crazy thing about football! but anyways..congrats to the title, you deserve some happyness since you had to watch ugly football all sea...
Dude, in your next post - PLEASE use a " . " or a " , " from time to time...
At least they didnt buy themselves to where they are
Ur an idiot i hope you know that
No actually hes right. if this kind of football prevails in the next couple of years, football will lose A LOT of viewers
I think this season bayern was the best team in the world. sadly i think that was it with bayern for a while. ribery robben schweinsteiger lahm - theyre getting...
Luck was definetly on Dortmunds side last night. Bayern should have shown more spirit! Hope theyll rock Chelseas world next week
You cant be serious
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