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Stuff the hammers, a horrible club with horrible cocky cockney fans
6 years ago
Reminds of the time we won the carling cup. end of conversation.
Dd you already win?, arsenal were sayin that in the final
7 years ago
But sunderland are s**t
How are they cheap goals?expand your douchy cmment
Ye aslong as finances are intact
Frigg of go an concentrate on hamburger SV whoever or whatever the f**k they are....
Jimmy you really r a complete imbarassment to your club...
Dirty team???, read the facts dickhed, birmingham are top of the fair play league...
WEST HAMS FIRST GOAL WAS HAND BALL" stoke cearly were the better team.... o talk about anti footballing sides but when ur plaers ae deliberatly handling the b...
Nice one stoke well played...crushing these arrogant cockney clubs, i bet they already bought their FA cup final tickets,bring bk another cup to the midlands!! ...
They were playin football last time i checked... shitty london clubs thinking their beter than everyone...
Jimmy u r a f**n twat tbf...when oh when will you learn you lost the game u cn never leave it at that. Stoke are a solid team you were beaten face up to it! spo...
Your jus a pig... birmingham city is a working mans club... no big spenders, or big time charlies here, just honest working men, where were your fans at wembly ...
Jimmy L...i cnt help but think your speaking a little too early...
ANOTHER RUBISH COMMENT... i didnt een no arsnenal were playing birmingham if i hadnt of gne to the the weeks build up it was just arsenal arsenal arse...
You chat complete rubbish... give over stop trying to steal our credit! we were tHe better team of players its not dOwn to anyONE player. i knew it wouldnt be l...
Yeh becomes the mickey mouse cup after you go crashing out!
The 2nd goal was not a fluke, we run ur back line ragged they were knakered chasin after zidic all game a mistake was forced by martins, that is not a fluke as ...
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