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Brotzky gave the Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City video a rating of 3
Celtic just got dominated on both legs. Ouch
Yeah, Suarez never dives.
And yet you still can't beat us. ;)
Better than anyone on barcelona + Messi?
The ball bounces just as he's about to hit it. Would've been just unlucky if he missed it.
At the end the commentator said the fans were cheering, "are you watching, Messi?"
There's truth in his words. If Mario puts his head where his game is he can be a very dangerous striker.
From the highlights it looks like the ref was outstanding. Great call on the dive! (no sarcasm)
If you put Barca in any league right now they'd be winning almost all games.
I wish we played entertaining soccer. That's all I ask.
Is Mata injured or fatigued?
Please beat Real! That would almost make me as happy as Chelsea winning!
Ivanovic's salary could easily be double what it is now...
There's a mental loss, too, when you go down to 10 men - you're not in the same mentality as 11 v 11 . It's not always about what position got a red card.
Norwich didn't even play that amazingly, ManU were just really slow without Rooney
Am I the only one that thinks Sturridge is just as bad, if not worse, than Torres? Mata made all the difference when he came on. Sturridge had amazing chances b...
Honestly, he played terribly...
Somewhere on FootyTube
No, that was a fair call. However, the Torres dive call had the same amount of contact as the Ivanovich red card, but was seen as a dive by the Ref.
On one of the most important days. That's just what Real wants. I'm sure they'd trade 10 goals against other teams for a couple against Barca from Ronaldo.
6 years ago
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