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Welcome homne Adu!!!
6 years ago
So so happy to see Henry playing like he used to in Europe. He's still a great player...his form my dip from time to time, but his class will always remain.
Come on Hassli, tell the truth, you were trying to cross the ball in the box...lucky strike... But a damn good strike...
7 years ago
The last 5 minutes of that match were crazy...nice finish guys, nice...
So happy that Henry has found his groove...Now whenever Aguedelo matures into a fearsome striker, NYRB will be unstoppable...
Can we all agree that John Harkes is a terrible commentator? Or am I alone in thinking that?
This was a terribly boring game to open up a state of the art facility. Ugh, KC is probably the last team that deserves a stadium.
Just finished watching the Review Show and I gotta say, this one hell of a week for MLS...I couldn't imagine a better start to the season.
I love Mexican commentators, they love every minute of the game regardless of what's happening. Also, how'd that guy have so much time to run around like that...
Atlanta needs a team NOW! I can't stand loving soccer and not having a team to go support. :(:(:(:(
Happy Holidays bro!!
I feel bad for the Left Back for Blackburn as he had to deal with Nani all night, that can't be fun...
Whatever man, Rooney has been through alot lately. He needed this goal, even if it is a PK, to get back his confidence... Way to go Wayne...
And just to add more fuel to my rant below, the MLS Board of Directors, or whatever they call themselves, has decided that next season the number of playoff tea...
Ronaldinho just looks like he doesn't have to try to be a great player. Just imagine if he actually played like his life depended on it...
I'm not sure if Neilson gets credit for having the most spectacular saves? Or pity for playing on a team with the most holes in defense...
Sad but true, LA without Becks is just...meh...
Pickens making that ridiculous stop at the 120th minute has got to be the save of the season...I mean wow that was nice...
Ok so...yea congrats to Colorado. But MLS needs to work on their format. There is no way that the seventh best team during the regular season should be crowned ...
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