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4 years ago
That was a penalty on Cesc, no doubt about that...
A well deserved win! With nerves of steel, you guys waited so long for this moment. Now that it upon you, enjoy it to the fullest. Buyern should have won this a...
5 years ago
I quite disagree with the "United's defence was sloppy" statement. United displayed a very disciplined and tight defence in that match. You know a team defended...
United defended a little weak!? I thought United's defence was the edge in today's tie. The team defended brilliantly, to me at least.
I thought the same way. Di maria posed a huge threat with his dribbles and shots. But if you notice mou's subs, you might get an idea why he subbed him. He firs...
I beg to differ. I think it was anyone's game. Although Madrid maintained their relentless pressure on Man Utd most of the game, they only managed to score ones...
I honestly don't know what game you were watching, but here is this: if Manchester United defend the same way they did in this match in the net leg, then Madrid...
Personally, I liked his third goal better. Just look at the pace! incredible player.
@SanchezAlexis: OMG! I have completely got it wrong! Apologies to you I was addressing Tactical just like you mentioned. Apologies again.
@SanchezAlexis: "No one in the Real Madrid forum accepts your tease though. So you're basically trolling." (Success) "Wow, very matured indeed." (DerBomba) ...
@Tacticalmaster: Show some respect! 18 or 100 points, this is still Real Madrid you are talking about. As a fan you should respect your rival; Barca would've ne...
He support Madrilona! I wouldn't call that a fan, just a person who is completely bored.
All valid points, but we should be patient with Alexis. He is having a hard time, yes, but his working rate is good. He only need to focus on some key points (f...
Bayern is ALWAYS a potential CL winner, whether they play good or bad. If you know a little bit about football history you would've never written this comment o...
A thing I noticed in this game; this is my own interpretation so I could be wrong, but I hope am right. From the fourth goal onward, Bayern players didn't celeb...
I agree with you and capitalize on the last point you mentioned, low self confidence is the reason why Arsenal is falling like a weak leaf with the slightest br...
Currently, Messi is a volcano that is about to explode. He is building up and improving his skills in a frantic pace that I've never seen before in any other pl...
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