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Yeah it certainly is not about who is better overall it's who was better this season and that was messi of course both of them are very exciting to watch along ...
6 years ago
Yeah its no big deal : ) driving and not wrecking because of being on Footy is important I would say. You can write to my email if you wanna talk more about wha...
7 years ago
Sorry i left suddenly had to actually pay attention to driving for once ;)
Nice touch haha!
That was tiiiiiiiight!
Damn that was pretty good haha!
Wow that was bad haha
Rooney is all ours! You can't have him bwahahahahahaha!
The man can score all types of goals thats what I like about CR very diverse player.
Messi is the best no doubt and a huge reason is because he works hard off the ball and places his finishes. What a class act!
Common now he didn't whip his c**k out and piss on the camera or something he was just really excited like any athlete would have been. I think we need to look ...
Last call! Lights out time to go home!
Ive wanted to do that to some refs but im not that type of person to stoop to that level no matter what the refs did
Best of his time no doubt
F****n Messi! Thats why he is the best in the world!
Haha! And he was hella fakin the injury to get the pk then when he noticed he scored he jumped right up to celebrate!
Kids got skill for sure
Haha cool video good s**t keep!
Thats the difference between a good and a great team......never giving up no matter what. Good s**t Man U!
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