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Nice Vs. PSG
Somehow Thomas Muller is a lanky slinky player without flash or style, yet he is so F'ing consistent, he is where he needs to be, makes the right runs, finishes...
Corzola was a poaching panther, snatching the ball, with pace, and setting the cogs in motion, impressive finishing and build up. The Beautiful game indeed!!!!...
Clips show severe lack of desire and real effort. I don't get it. there needs to be a team cohesion from the back up to the strikers. Its sad for any club to...
Bayern's calculated precision and attacking force are frightening! 5 goals 5 different players! Phenomenally awesome!!!
Two players with similar styles SHOULD and COULD be complimentary, Team cohesion is more important than individual play. Great individual play with out a team ...
City Has an intense roster, Juggernaut Indeed!!! Fluid Play crisp passing, movement and Tremendous Finishing...Watch out WOrld!
Podolski is back and firing them in the back of the net!!!
More like How Italian was that!!
Set pieces and headers fantastic finishing, winning and losing is part of the game, but the oranges look super strong and confident... They will go far, hopeful...
The Announcer was super emphatic, i admire his gusto, Dzeko's goal was righteous. The counter goals by Campbell off the set pieces were stunners. Its hard to ...
Forlan what a strike!!!
Amazing game, Italy was lucky. They played well & had some horrible calls go their way or lack of calls. Japan were excellent at buildup and enjoyable to watch ...
Pure Awesomeness to the max!!! Both teams played with Fire! The future will be ablaze for these countries in the future as they can only get better. Stoked
Nice goals for Madrid, but Im stoked to see BVB in the Finals. Im hoping Borussia and Bayern have a stellar match, tooth and nail, but either way it has gottaB...
Toure looks, lines it up, and Upper 90 BaNG!!!!
Lewandowski what what 4 goals no big deal... Hell of a finisher!
VanPersie is So damn good, what a striker, and a classy finisher! Watchout world RVP is on FIRE!!!!
Watching, and Throwing a hand in the air afterwards seriously...
5 years ago
That red card was harsh, a yellow at best, id say
True True, his shots are lazer beams to the back of the net!
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