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What the hell! I can not recognize utd here. And bilbao is 5th in spain. Wow, amaizing class they have showed. I though utd will atleast show some dignity to s...
6 years ago
Oh People, every time you see penalty you label the winner as lucky! Does players have to be brought down with their legs cut off with an axe for you to say "oh...
So, many applauded your game during your arsenal days, and so few to look back to what you did then, hence a legend.
Arsenal doing the most Toughest job in football. Score for both teams, twice against and three for themselves IN ONE GAME. Now, how do you expect them to be su...
Wow arsenal, trying to scarp a penny out of a dime. Swansea is too hot to handle for Arsenal these days. I saw Mancity game and couldnt help watching nasri and ...
That was an amazing goalkeeping. Wow
The only person who awarded that goal is Gomez. If he can't stop that ball then why is he there? It is hard to see such horor at that level of football.
Revoke Gomez license to play in EPL for playing like that.
No, they didnt mate! How, for lating the ball crawl its way into the goal or lating Kalu dance in the goal mouth? You play shitty like that and you get done.
You know how I would love Arsenal to win tomorrow's game, but no they wont. And my gut told me last Sunday. They play football when they are relaxed and no pre...
Inside he felt that Tores couldnt do the job but they made Kalu a sub player and he scored. He is telling them he is worth $ 50m. I wonder who will belive that....
Good, now Tots can watch Live Champions League games when neighboring teams are playing, namely Arsenal or Chelsea!
It was not a good season for the supporters but What a footbal we have seen them playing. If you want to watch good football watch Arsenal everyday. If you w...
Look at this mug faces, talking about venger out rubbish. This no Chelsea ok. You go ahead and clean your trashes. Arsenal are well and healthy. Trophy comes or...
I read on a sport page : Ade bye bye, lol that is funny way of waving Tots out of CL Ade undone them once again!
7 years ago
Hey guys, the argument that the lack of gallas as CB isnt the cause here. You should remember what happened exactly this time last year. He injured his leg in t...
Chelsea was tied at home. And that is Chelseas's problem. And you can talk about ref killed the game but we can also say in this game after the first half denie...
Really, are you talking about Inesta's exclussive shot on the restroom door that ultimately sinked into the toilet? Ya, we understand that alright, so do you...
Arsenal cann't complain for loosing in this game. it is not like we never gave them the ball. Even when they have the ball one too many miss passes. Too much wa...
The craziest Ref you can ask for is the one playing these two teams. I saw him playing Arsenal game one time. Fool of rubish. I wish I was a player on that fie...
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