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Coutinho is going to be some player
1 year ago
BostonRed nominated L. Suárez (21') for Goal of the Week
Every group of fans has its share of idiots, thats never gonna change.
Surely this whole performance was an april fools joke, wasnt it? no? well then...that was just embarrassing.
2 years ago
Injuries are part of the game, stop making excuses
Yes because Evras an angel as well.
Personally i think he looks like dr. evil
While downing has been pretty poor at times this year, in fairness to him he's been pretty unlucky as well, hes hit the woodwork about five times. So he really ...
Was that hey jude?
How bout those world champions taking dives in a friendly...disgraceful.
No clue
Not really game related but I love our away kits this year
Regardless of the red card, I though frimpong actually played pretty well
Lady boy looked pretty sharp, best ive seen him play since he left us
Can we all just get along
I couldnt help but smile when torres scored. As hurt as I was, he did a lot for liverpool and I cant stay mad at the guy.
Seriously, does he know how to put on a show or what?
3 years ago
Now thats an exit!
^talk about sour grapes.
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