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WOW that ozil challange was just wrong. fined and suspended. Real just simply played amazing. Ronaldo was amazing but so was the back line. ozil was oustanding....
5 years ago
Your keeper and the post saved you Arsenal barely got this one attack is very good mid is ok and the back is very shacky
Giroud will pick up his form soon. also podolski is killing it. Over all France team should have won second half same old arsenal sloppy Defense and really slow
Over all Reall better side by alot. Mou sliding like a boss. He is for sure the only one lol great coach. Benzema should be the only starter sell higuin and buy...
IN MY OPINION: Ronaldo should have taken the first PK and this would have put portugal players at ease to take the next ones. your best player should go first. ...
Hey where are all the c.ronaldo haters after this game. The amazing ronaldo showed everyone why they are scared of him. What a beast of a man.
I dont understand why people hate on ronaldo so much. i dont understand how a person can hate a talented superstar like ronaldo. ok if you dont like his attitud...
Not sure if you guys know this but this Real team is young as hell. They are going to be the team to beat in CL and anywhere else for the next 3to 4 years. Grea...
Might not be all barca fans there is idiots out there just do it for the hell of it. 4-1 is amazing no matter what team in my book i guess. Who cares about the ...
Yeah it was great Nasri im sure is texting the hell out of arsenal players hhahahahha leave Arsenal= Trophy lol so true
DZEKO love it so happy for him Mario and Dzeko made the difference once they were on pitch
Best game i have ever seen. Dzeko deserves to play regular football atleast start over Mario The guy played way less and socred more only makes sense nut anywya...
Messi= greatest ever you can hate or love him but no matter what when the whole world believes this player is the greates not just your team then there is no ar...
Lol thats the most idiatic thing anyone put on here congrats for that
I watched this game live and it was one of the ugliest game played but Drogba did great and in my eyes that ball went in but its impossible to call for a ref. C...
What the goal wow that right there goes for goal of the year. CFC you better buy some new tires for that bus that you will park in Munich vs Bayern lol if not g...
Not sure i thought they called foul on pepe maybe
Ozil and benzima are such monsters for this team and yes ofcourse MR. Ronaldo but those 2 have been so sick this season. Real is such a beast team wow. Cant bel...
I think this game was for all those misses vs CFC they had to get it all out of the system. Great game looking good as always
This guy wrote this so perfectly i read the whole thing. You DESERVE A+ ON THIS
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