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One of them will be in the world cup finals...
Therese is no shame in a red cartelino!
Grande Lúha!
And Luca Toni does it!
Such an atmosphere in Verona, this is goingto be a good season!
Simply a conversion of the conficence I showed him in putting him on my dreamfooty team, thats really all it was... XD
1 year ago
Also, I have to agree with what you say...
Just so NOT Di Maria :§
I would like to choose Pogba, but I fear Oscar will drag in more points if he plays like the finishing part of last season!
So you're not going to tell us who your star players are then? ;)
You said it!
Haha, well one thin is for certain: Norway aren't going to give you any trouble. Mabye unless we shift most of our U21 players to the First team...
Where abouts in Norway do you live?
Hey guys, do you have the faintest idea of what i need to do to get tickets to the Chelsea match? Cause I haven't :/
Yes, Spigy! Let's not fokus on the negative, thank you! I'm getting quite bitter on the let's ditch one of our really great players attitude. We love you, Aless...
Yeah, the only players really pushing the pedal to the metal from the start whistle are Superman and Forrest, and possibly Awesome. Might have missed out some n...
Changed my dektop background from Krasic to Asamoah today. Sad to say goodbye to Milos, but great to see Kwadwo! Who's on your background?
Nice poll, man :)
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