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Invincibles1886 (Sherrif)
Bored out of my mind.
Jetlifari (Bryan) from Kobe, Japan
Easygoing, Arsenal fanatic that likes to draw comics and study languages
Kasa408 (Kasa)
Been supporting this team since I was 4. Will support this team if there is an afterlife.
Ladiezman (Dilshan) from Glasgow, Scotland
LumpOfCelery (Ayyam Sobhan)
Mauroahm (Mauro)
MrFickles (GermanAmericanGooner)
From NEPAL xd #Gooner 4evr ;)
Nastytrick01p (Anton Fernando) from Vancouver, Canaduh
Oh2bagunner (Arjun S Nair)
Osman2793 (Luqman Osman) from London
Arsenal and
You thought I was going to tell you a bunch of interesting things. Well sorry there isn't.
Poppyfields (Joseph)
Raam1988 (Raam) from Boston, USA
Realmcoy (Sean Mc) from TO, Canada
Can't help it but I like to make things happen with a little style and passion... especically when it comes to football and playing it. Learning how to improve stuff around me is a ...
RonitJawanjal (Ronit Jawanjal) from Mumbai, India
Football fan from India were football is not a very good sport ..But a big fan of Football :)
Rudd (Keita Rudd) New Zealand
Hey Guys! My name is Keita Rudd and I'm a 11 year old male! I live in New Zealand and play soccer for Green Island and my city, Otago! I support MANCHESTER UNITED and I've ...
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