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1 week ago
Watch us get Celta Vigo
2 weeks ago
The home kit is amazing. I would definitely buy but I am boycotting the sponsor. Anyone knows when the current sponsor contract is up?
This ref earns the c**t of the week award. Must be Espanyol or MADrid fan
1 month ago
Pathetic 2 bs penalties. La liga bent on helping madrid.
When we getting the badge?
The second red, extremely controversial and unjust. It coincidentally resulted in a penalty and changed score in favor of r. Madrid 3-2.
How about that second red and penalty? The ref is a disgrace.
Munir and Kaptoum are awful so far
2 months ago
Excellent news. No they focus on liga and ucl.
No manita because of Munir. Still total ownage though. Love it.
I don't know what the current Citizenship rules are in Belgium and the rest of Europe, but Citizenship revocation and deportation must be implemented and enforc...
The focus must be on the source that funds and feeds these terrorists. Saudis funded Wahabi mosques in Belgian district that's become breeding ground for extr...
Without a doubt Islam has a cancer and it's called ISIS. Where does ISIS come from? Look into Wahabis. I once said on this very forum that I wish Barca would ...
Could've had a hat-trick with 2 crossbars. He's doing well.
3 months ago
It's his competitive nature
4 months ago
Will La Liga do something about this? Or pass unpunished simply because the ref did not see it and mention it in his report?
You're accurately right on our lack of finishing. They keep shooting at the goalie.
Pique was at fault for goals #2 & 4. The rest of the defenders were clearly not at their best but in no uncertain terms you can say that all of the 4 defenders...
I dont agree with lucho taking out rakitic and leaving rafinha. Rakitic was playing well.
5 months ago
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