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I prefer this one: "Barcelona will next week hold elections to replace the current corrupt incompetent board"
9 hours ago
Neymar and Alba injured. Both out for 4 weeks. FCBLIVE
1 day ago
Judging this awesome Barca board, they will land another proven winner like André Villas-Boas or Michael Laudrup
2 days ago
RIP trophies
Punishment for nit crossing like alves
Pedro and sanchez defend better than alves. Given his poor crosses, I can't imagine how it can be worse. Why not Montaya? He played well last game.
Zubi better not sign David Luiz
4 days ago
Mods, kindly embed:
“People cant be be angry with the team or the coach, they can be sad, but the fault lies with those that control the club. The problem is that it’s been a v...
Last year I remember posting advocating we'd land Wenger but today I say no thanks.
There are two reasonable answers I can think of with respect to your question: 1. To save Messi for Argentina which I can accept though I am not sure the rest o...
Maybe I am being harsh on him, partly because of his bad performance yesterday. But even though he has the best stats in the team, there is something off about ...
Messi's last 4 games: RCD Espanyol 0 - 1 FC Barcelona (messi scores a penalty) FC Barcelona 1 - 1 Atlético Madrid FC Barcelona 3 - 1 Real Betis (messi scores...
For whatever reason it may be (laziness, fatigue or saving his best for the world cup), I think Messi needs to be benched on Saturday as I am not impressed with...
Perhaps I am too angry at Barca but I say it is Barca who will end up with nothing should Tata and Co continue flopping
Iniesta: "I was surprised to be subbed off, but the coach decides" It's true though, why was he subbed? Tata messed up starting Cesc and he could've taken out ...
Waiting for Xavi to blame the loss on the field condition. Seriously though, what a crap performance by Barca. Flops of the match are Tata, Alves and Messi. ...
^True plus with Howard Webb as a ref there will be blood.
Please no Cesc as false 9. I'd much rather have Alexis or Pedro there. I love Cesc but he will just slow the game and annoy me with his predictable and rushed...
Halilovic's agent as well as his lawyer have both stated that the deal is a done deal and he will go to Barca regardless. Zagreb's president said the same.
2 weeks ago
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