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Nanni was definitely a bright spot for man. u
7 years ago
Finally a man. u fan that isn't hiding behind the unlucky defense.
See above quote for reply to this foolishness
Unlucky is a term that should be reserved for instances when you didnt just Sh*t the bed pathetically and give up two goals in the 90th.
I don't know how healthy it is that scholes is the best united player right now. I have to question what the future looks like for this side. Respect to scholes...
Decisive win for Barca. Goals from three of the best players on the planet. what more can you ask for?
Goonerpride is absolutely right. In previous years we would have been happy with a draw.
Man City vs. Liverpool... case and point
Wow thats a lot of orange and red lol. I think I can skip these highlights.
If you think both Nasri and Arshavin would accept being but on loan you may as well sell them ( which would be ridiculous) because they would never step foot at...
Have to love Wenger signing Blackburn autographs before the game. Van Perse is literally glowing. He was on pace to win the scoring title and next year watch ou...
Buffon would be an amazing asset, but i have found myself hoping Wenger can work his French connections and persuade Loris to come to the EPL. That should get ...
Thats pretty much what I had gathered. The beautiful game should be played beautifully. That's why I always watch Barcelona play with a kind of reverence that g...
Nice to see a fan of the beautiful game is also a fan of beautiful literature. Looks like we share a love of both Kerouac and Arsenal. Thanks for the post
The dharma bums is one of my favourite books. you're a beast.
Jack, my response to your question/ statement in the Barca forums. Bodhisattva(Arsenal)3 hours agoCan anyone explain to me the Barcelona phenomenon of trade ...
Can anyone explain to me the Barcelona phenomenon of trade rumors mostly surrounding Arsenal players. I know every star from every team is always a possibility ...
I agree Fulham should make more ground
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