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Biscuits, sardines, lager, the smell of creosote
Mashed potato, lamb, socialists.
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4 years ago
Yeah the standards aren't what they once were, and now there's no meebo it somehow seems like its lost yet more of its appeal, I hope it gets sorted soon becaus...
All good, still alive! Only come here every now and again, and each time I do it depresses me how bad the site is now :(
5 years ago
Liiiiiiiiammmmmmmmmmm................ Where are you dude? I just saw your name in an old thread and thought man i haven't seen you in ages! Hope your well ma...
And so here I sit, 2 years later, sipping my tea and eating my dark chocolate Hob Nobs. I feel dirty.
6 years ago
They are male and they play football.
Poland 1-0 Greece Russia 2-0 Czech Republic Holland 3-0 Denmark Germany 2-0 Portugal Spain 0-0 Italy Eire 0-2 Croatia Ukraine 2-0 Sweden Fr...
A - Czech Republic. B - Germany. C - Italy. D - Ukraine.
Fuckit Im in
Yeeeeahhhh! Another meaningless victory against our biggest (only) manufactured rivals, in the annual two horse race!
Here, you will see, there is nothing up my sleeves, and no wires attached to my palms.
Some cringe worthy meme usage here people, leave the funnies to Reddit.
Read below
Actually, you are wrong. It seems deader everytime you leave ;-)
All good thanks, pop on here now and again, but it seems deader everytime I come!
Hows it going liam, we see less and less of you lately, hope alls well.
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