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That would be f*****g awesome! Kinda hesitant to believe it tho, as well.
6 years ago
I am with you Abudhabi. I am simply in love with football, and I appreciate beautiful football! haha
@ omegamune: Yeah, I noticed it, too, when I saw the goal the very first time. Silva is a pimp. His touch made the goal possible.
Vidic, seriously??? f*****g ridiculous.
Man city should have gotten two penalties for sure...!!!
Looking at Torres' movement before scoring his first goal, one must say that he read the pass by Anelka very well, and also timed his run exceptionally well. Po...
Man, i miss the old Ronaldinho! GENIUS!!!
I was addressing you benezema99. i am not offending you! ok?!? I am merely "addressing" you. Just so you know and you don't start a stupid argument with me. hah...
But real is not barca, and that is what matters! lol
Thanks for the add mate.. two cool votes for u.. tc ;D
I have not even watched the game or the highlights of this match, but I want to express upfront that I find it ridiculous how teams like Brazil and Argentina ca...
Keine Frage, Deutscher Fussball ganz oben, so die Lage! Lol. don't hate bitches!
@Huggies93: Comparing Eto to Gomez is inappropriate. Eto is one of the best strikers in the world. Gomez is a good striker, but certainly not on the same level ...
Who is gonna hate on Ronaldo now?!?!?! Nobody??? That's weird cause normally almost everybody has something bad to say about him. He may be a pussy, but on the ...
7 years ago
Yes indeed a nice goal by the piggy, but not really great enough to be the goal of the week. I remember about two weeks ago Andrea Pirlo shot a goal from a grea...
Bale is just amazing! He has been so damn good, but this was just magnificent!!!
Agreed. What a beautiful goal by David Silva!!! Silvaaaaa Goooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! =) And great job by the bulldog, Carlos Tevez.
Many goals, but not really a great soccer game. nothing impressive, except for a very impressive number of defensive mistakes from both teams. still exciting du...
Damn, what a impressive team effort by holland! they want the euro bad after the world cup final against spain. Hope they will continue with such beautiful play...
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