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Bobby86 nominated A. Johnson (66') for Goal of the Week
Smell your sister
I was just about to say that bale is no longer a left back
Are you serious Joke you dont think messi is the best in football what football are you talking about american football or something
Aw jaysus i knew i shouldnt have went last night with freddy flintoff
Tevez and fake tan gone wrong
Pile on waheey
Ribery farted
I just got my licence i even drove here honestly
Better luck next time tell di matteo ill see him shortly and tell torres to buy a warm jacket
Mancini wearing a balaclava
Reporter "who do you think is the best footballer in the world right now" Ronaldinho "are you seriously asking me that, me of course dont ever speak to me agai...
It wasnt me........
Thats about the only time all season youll get to be this close to rvp shirt
Arsene hasnt let me w**k in 3 weeks im going fecking crazy
Poor newcastle there very poor at minute michu wat a signing and swansea are looking good
That young sterling is unreal gonna be some player nice win
Oh and Jratty Man city is also undefeated in the league so far this season just putting it out there
You Barcelona fans are starting to be as bad as Madrid fans i have supported Man utd since i could kick a ball at a very young age and i loved Celtic because im...
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