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Manchester United, a good footy game and maybe a cold beer. Also like to play footy as a right midfielder
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I think FIFA should do what they do in tennis. That is, you should have 3 times to review an action if it was not clear. Game is stopped to see if it was offsid...
7 years ago
Tony hear this one! The World Cup has turned out like World War II. The French surrendered early, the USA arrive last minute... and we are left to fight the f**...
It's on the 22nd may. I'm sure
8 years ago
Wow so true! Never thought of that way. A player doesn't care if his team is s**t, as long as he's representing his country.. I find that so true! Good point ma...
There are 2 reasons why I like summer and 1 reason why I hate it 1. No school 2. World Cup this year :) and I hate it beacuse.. 3. It makes me red like I am in ...
Guys, can someone please explain to me why Liverpool still have a chance for the Europa League. All I know is that it has to do something with the FA cup... Sa...
All are nice! I just have that special love for chips :D ....
Dude did your team really play 33 games and lost all of them without scoring a goal?? Or is there some kind of mistake lol
Talk to Footytube mate then. Maybe someone had your same problem :P Where's Tony? The guy is full experience :D
An absolute master class in finishing :D My favorite one is that chip. Cheeky and beautiful :D Thanks for posting :)
No school during Summer :D Since I'm kind of young lol
Yeah Berbatov doesn't score that much but there's something I like about his style really. So graceful with the ball and has really really good vision in my opi...
Interesting argument...So what you're saying is that the more EPL players in the team, the less the chance of winning the world cup? I can't understand why tho....
This is one of the best team work goals you will ever see. Pretty sure you've seen it already, but I can watch it all day long. Just wanted to share something w...
True, True nobody actually knows, it's all according to the media. Lol I like the way you put the pest thing about Olic haha nice one :P
I never liked that guy.... The quote that Gomlee pointed out is very f**ked up man! He's sort of doing everything to take Vidic away because he know that his fa...
Lol Gomlee. That was kind of funny :P
Thanks for the add! hope to hear more more from you You're very funny and sometimes make my day :)
So Southport will get promoted to League 2 right?
Hi guys, my friend told me that there is speculation of Evra leaving to Real or Inter for about 18m. Here's the source he's got it from. Hope it's rumours... h...
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