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"Thanks guys. Thanks a lot." - Lloris
Who deserves it then?
You know I feel like they should just start handing out yellows for that stuff. Drives me nuts. If you get in the ref's face and argue: Immediate yellow. If you...
The reality is, if this was Barcelona, there would have been 6 guys surrounding the ref pleading for a PK while Alves or Busquets writhed around on the ground c...
Well the video seems to have changed so the times are different. I'm not denying fault on the part of Pepe and Arbeloa, but I just found it amusing that he chos...
Costa is a real charmer. Too scared to do anything to Pepe so he goes after Di Maria. Lol. At least his whole country doesn't hate him right?
Ha no doubt.They are falling apart as well. United will be lucky if they can sign Joey Barton next season.
This commentator must sit up all night thinking of all those one-liners.
"please watch this short video to see your content" more like, "please find a new website to see football highlights."
That Messi character looks like he could be really good.
Lloris is gonna roll after this season. Too quality to stand behind THAT defense
I think Schmelzer is better at Fullback. But I think Großkreutz is probably a close second.
I find your comment to be distasteful and misinformed! Good day to you sir.
You guys remember when Bale was a leftback with emo bangs?
Ibra is ridiculous!
Don't know why but reading this comment made me laugh so hard. "how do you even score an own goal like that? He literally just aimed straight for the
Somewhere on FootyTube
Poor Ozil, dedicate your life to RM, play outstandingly, get sold at the last second to the Gunners! What a backstab.
Pep is already screwing up their style. Turned one of the most exciting teams into a holding snooze fest.
If you play goalkeeper for Tahiti, you're gonna have a bad time.
Somewhere on FootyTube
How are you going to pay 22 million for Lewandowski and 36 million for Gotze? When is Gotze going to take the field? I'm pretty sure he isn't going to take Robb...
5 years ago
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