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Dexter was wicked up to season 5. Boring after that.
Community is f*****g funny/ genius but It's a comedy 'n' the others are dam good dramas. But yeh Community is easily one of the best comedies. Have you watched ...
Meh. Probably not as good as my Nokia 3310 ;)
Halo 4 is actually sick as. AC3 looks fricking decent. Soo.. kinda depends whether you prefer shooting aliens in the face and teabagging. Or parkour and flyin...
^ LOL Hell yeeeee
Lol... Some people think the older account holders are childish. Guess they should just delete all the current accounts...
Ah well fair enough then, nice.
Lol you could get around 75 gold players with 30k 40k could get you an entire average/decent premier league team.
Oiii that show is sick. Safe for the reminder.
Man you should seriously consider seeing if some news/sports paper/website would publish
Nice one thanks for letting me(us) know.
Not like they couldn't replace that s**t tenfold the same day but still kinda bad.
Ramires should be in the 90s
Arsewhole and Shittenham couldn't afford him lol. Looks like we're in the game.
Prob's 'cause loads of people are downloading it and/or some games just take friking ages on xbox live. I'mma wait till later to get it.
News Is It's gonna be hella cool.
Wow Shneijder is 88?... Lampard should be rated 102 then.
While I agree with that.. He was god damn amazing against Barca and Bayern in the sem-final - final, probably more so against Bayern because of him just absolut...
Mate Monty Python is the penultimate of British comedy. Pure genius. Respect for liking it. You should check out flying circus; It's the series they made. If yo...
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