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Bluehearted nominated A. Weimann (40') for Goal of the Week
Absolutely gutted from this performance, need a miracle to advance now. Gotta call back Lukaku and Essien. We also have to start playing Marin more.
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So if Chelsea were robbed by a referee in a Norwich game you don't think people would care? The same outcry would be the same as the referee should not be the o...
It's obvious that Man U has the better youth academy program in place and chelsea have to play catch up in that department. However Chelsea do have several good...
Chelsea have loaned out most of their young talent (almost 20 of them), except for Piazon, so they obviously weren't available for the game. I'd rather see play...
Not a dive, Welbeck on the other hand
That was not even close to shoulder to shoulder. That was garcia taking out cole after he was out of position and helpless, he had no chance at the ball and jus...
6 years ago
That was a clear penalty
Completely disagree with Bosingwa, he was terrible attacking and defending
How many more games does Bosingwa need to play like s**t before Chelsea stop playing him. Hell I'd rather have paulo or essien back there again than Bosingwa. S...
Still believe Chelsea's going to take 4th, somethings gonna spark them soon
2 cool votes for the friend request :D and being a cool Chelsea Fan :D
Obviously, but all I'm saying is he could have left the bigger man, but he slumped down to Suarez' level
I was saying it was needless because he made such a big deal out of the handshake showing he was the bigger man and such and then he goes and childishly celebra...
As a Chelsea supporter I've obviously seen Terry get snubbed before and I didn't get pissed because it was understandable. I had no problem with Suarez' non-han...
Couldn't watch the whole thing, still believe that Chelsea will hit form again though, maybe Drogba coming back will help
Nevermind that first one was outside the box
It was a fair result, chelsea just sat back and invited the pressure and without Terry or Cole that was never going to work. As for the ref, Webb sucked, he cal...
K getting a little worried now. Top 4 is far from guaranteed and right now Champions league could end fast. Not sure when Drogs is back, but Chelsea should try ...
That penalty call was very similar to the one that got called on Luiz in QPR's favor in the league match, so justice has been served
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