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Messi911 (Alastair)
Mt1234 (Dougie Freedman) from The Reebok
Born in Burnden Park. "When I am asked for a photo or an autograph I'm embarrassed because I'm shy. I am no more important than a bricklayer by being a footballer." - Juan Carlo ...
Philster (Perciegus)
SamWiseDarlo ((Hey Oh))
I'm a student.
SIMPLYGODS (Santiago) from Rohan, Middle Earth
and Ecuador
I am a FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Manchester City FC, Barcelona SC, Boca Jr, FC Schalke 04 fan and of course for national im a fan of Ecuador, Argentina, Ghana and Ukraine...if you do ...
SKool (Shirish K) from Bangkok, Thailand
Arsenal and
Nepali, Canadian, and Thai. 3 in 1. Currently studying Computer Engineering, 3nd year student. Life of an engineer is as hard as it can get, but the rewards are so satisfying, i ...
Thecrowrip (Il Fenomeno Vero) from Lisboa, Portugal
*Ahem* I apologize to all the people I might have offended since I joined this site, I am not that type of person. If you have issues with me or you feel that I have behaved inappr ...
Vben0 (Benjamin)
Visca (Ajmal) from MOKA, Mauritius
Zhudayong (Rodrigue T.K)
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