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Great game. Very evenly poised. First half was theirs but we came back strong in the second half. And yet another strong performance by ramires. And 1 more poin...
1 month ago
Bluearmy1905 gave the Burley: Losing Messi would be a disaster video a rating of 5
3 months ago
Ramires looking good there! He is rocking that mustache quite well also
5 months ago
That was an exciting game! I think we dominated the tempo of the game most of the time. Although the subs could have come in much earlier but Jose knows best. A...
I have not watched Man Utd's games this season except for Chelsea v Man Utd! But if you do play like that I think you guys will make top 4 b/c i have seen liver...
OK blue brothers! It is that time of the year again, the commencement of the PL season. I hope it is a season that does not plague our players with injuries esp...
8 months ago
Banana, milk or rice pudding (kozysak), all in moderation. They have worked for me.
11 months ago
Cheers Dougie I did specifically say no replies from an arsenal fan because I knew you would want a trophy after such a long wait and I did not want to offend a...
Personally, i feel that arsenal fans have waited long enough and they deserve silverware for such a long wait... Cheers and good luck to ur team tomorrow!
Hello guys, I ve been a member of this community for a while now. Although I m not quite active due to time constraints, certainly I do enjoy coming to footytu...
Yes if they win then it is obviously deserved. But I meant from a fans perspective, do they deserve to go yet another year w/o trophy and be the laughing stock ...
Whd up fellow blues (and other club fans except Arsenal)? Do you think Arsenal fans have waited long enough for a trophy and deserve a cup or do they deserve to...
@talk2 It is really hard to completely cure cancer or find a universal drug for cancer because the rate that gene mutation occurs to give a defective protein (t...
I'll remind the developer to do it for you right now.
1 year ago
LeavemealoneFC is now friends with Sham34
Do you know how long it takes for the name change to take effect?
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I put in the request, should happen soon
Bluearmy1905 if it is available. Thanks
What would you like it to be?
No nth should happen because there is alcohol (~17%) in baileys which doesnot allow any bacterial growth even though there is lactose/ glucose in baileys. So t...
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