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Guys nobody cares about that noob’s opinion, he is just trying to be relevant with his opinion and probably his wishful thinking. On a side note, can we sto...
4 months ago
Can't wait for the season to start. I believe Chelsea has enough firepower to win the league again but dont see us being that much a success in Europe with the ...
8 months ago
Aresenal are not even relevant anymore to chelsea's standard even though we were not in europe this year lol
1 year ago
I miss the banter and everything which was quite common when I just joined FT, but now here banter is viewed like troling
Hello all I have not logged in my account for quite a long time now but I try to read comments whenever I can. This season has been awesome, after quite a long ...
Hi Bluearmy1905, I will of course follow through with your wishes but I hope that I can change your mind. It sounds like you feel like mods unfairly gave you a...
2 years ago
Hello Kgb, I have decided that my account be deleted because I just noticed that there is a post on my wall from another mod Tomi warning me for my post that co...
Not a bad deal for us overall then, afterall he did help us win the PL medal during his stay here. Good luck to him and hope he succeeds there again this year.
How much was the deal worth to CFC? Any idea?
Hey buddy. In case you don't understand that personal attacks are not allowed on this site - let me put it to you as a warning. Telling people off on the site ...
C61 smh mate. You might be buddies with Jereon but you saying my statement is a personal attack all b/c I told him off thats uncalled for
LvG was awesome here. That has happened to me a few awkward times but he handled that like a boss.
^ dude I have seen Jeroen's post in many forums and he will take a jab at Mou whenever he gets a chance. I know him (and some Barca fans) hate Mou for his stint...
^piss off dude. I am sick and tired of these barca and arsenal fans picking on each and everything that Mou does. If a kid like KdB (or Pogba at MU) thinks that...
Wait, didn't he say thanks to all the managers, players and staff he worked with in the letter? I dont understand this fuss about thanking mou personally. :p
Okazaki fragments :p
Personally, I think Cech is the third best keeper in EPL after Courtois, and de gea even though he did not play enough last season. I still rate him so high tha...
Remy has been massive for us during a few minutes he has been used. I hope we can keep him
Spot on footballdoc :p
Bluearmy1905 gave the Burley: Losing Messi would be a disaster video a rating of 5
3 years ago
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