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I love hunting, fishing and football. When I watch football I like to watch Tottenham, Palermo and Crystal Palace. But when I play for my team Northland I try to play like Dele Al ...
Blueheart (Blues)
From malaysia living in manchester
Dikzakke (Wannes De Vos) from Edegem, België
Dinglehater2 (Jordan Adams) from West Bromwich, England
The name Dingle refers to a family of ugly fat crooks who live in a shit-hole and are always causing trouble. The perfect description to an average Wolves fan.
ManOnDMoon (Tony Clifton)
Off the hook
Micolus (Michael) from Göteborg, Sweden
An Iranian Madrid fan from Sweden who loves Portugal
Oweniit (Roger Fernandez)
SamWiseDarlo ((Hey Oh))
I'm a student.
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