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Other Clubs I Support: Real Zaragoza, Marseille, Roma, USA

Players: Andres Iniesta, Elano, Stevie "Superman" Ireland, Ben Arfa, Fabregas, Fernando Torres, Gabi Milito, Xavi

Video Games: FIFA 09, Fallout 3, Bioshock, Online Football Manager, Trophy Manager
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Players: 'Cry'stiano Ronaldo, any person playing for United or Chelsea other than John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Ryan Giggs, Marco Materazzi
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Nothing you have just said makes any sense, in really any way one could interpret it. United have purchased nearly all of their starting side, whether young or ...
6 years ago
We have 3-6 English players starting in any given match depending on squad rotation, so I am not entirely sure what you are on about.
Smtbgame: The fact that you have to ask that shows you shouldn't be commenting/ Benhall: So you are arguing my point but then glorifying a United side that pla...
Did you watch the match or just the highlights? Villa supporters were shouting abuse at Balo several times before the goal when he got near the away end. So sup...
I think he came in peace and paid his respects. Thank you.
I think Iniesta and Xavi are better right now, but to call David Silva "Normal" is laughable. Del Bosque loves Silva for a reason. These highlights, while showi...
Realy you are good friend :) gongrtioulation for last win
Well, one of the goals was not like the other. And he has shown he can score with the 30 yard blast (Swansea), sharp angle wide side-foot blast (Tottenham) and ...
Unfortunately, I also have to agree. He almost put it in our own net at one point when hart didn't expect him to pass it away from where he was running. I thin...
He had several good goal kicks that almost lead to a goal or two, actually. ;-) it was not shown in the highlights but toward the end when Kompany and Lescott ...
I'll give you he is better but Balotelli has much more potential, obviously. Tevez has nearly no potential--he either continues to score 20+ a season or he beco...
And speaking English, as well. Mind you, it is not bad English all things considered, but you should just put more effort into your thoughts before posting them...
We have conceded exactly 1 goal more than your club and have scored 2 more than you have. So your point would be?
I wonder if Arsenal should go in for him. ;-)
You're right, Swansea is definitely not Newcastle or Sunderland who your clubs showed are very good indeed.
I am just worried about playing Sunderland, based on the Liverpool match apparently they are title contenders and could really make it difficult to score goals....
Eh, Dzeko is showing he just needs to get together with his teammates and he'll come good. Tonight it almost scored three goals--the first he should have admitt...
7 years ago
AdnanBosnia: You're right, as of now we make a lot more money locally as compared to United who make little to none within Manchester. I am glad we both agree a...
He'll play more in the run out and next season. Mancini is doing something similar to the handling of David Silva (my favourite player for many reasons) in that...
Completely agree with SamWiseDario. The referee gave away freekick after freekick in favour of Kiev that were not fouls at all. And I do not mean from a City su...
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