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Great runs from Schurrle...showing Torres how its done ;)
Wow..thats alot of good goals. Huntelaar clearly wins the most beatiful goal prize, but I have to say the triple-flick thing between Benzema and Ronaldo for the...
Actually Spurs have been doing that since Sherwood arrived. This is the first PL defeat he´s had so far, and obviously he wasn´t ever very likely to get the t...
Wow..Ronaldo may have won the Ballon´Dor but Messi is showing here why he´s still the best in the world. Sure, he didn´t score any himself (like he usually d...
...and your name must be Messi ;)
Thank god Allegri is gone! Now just roll in Seedorf, or Super-Pippo if he´s busy..cant wait to erase matches like this from my mind..
I´m anything but a ManU fan, but Kagawa should´ve gotten a goal and assist there, feel kind of sorry for him, he´s such a good player but luck isn´t on his ...
Tim Sherwood for President!
Congratulations THUDD!!! I have to say I´m one of those Spurs fans that Danny was talking about..I never wanted him to be sold :/ But then again, he was never ...
Gonna vote Bendtner for goal of the week...he needs some support, poor guy :/
2 goals in 2 minutes...not bad for a defender ;)
My favourite Hudson quote: " a Jedi Knight!! No, better than that, a Templar Knight!!" Yeah sure Ray, because we all know broadswords beat lightsabers don...
Holy S#%t!!! I´ve watched alot of football, and seen alot of great players play amazingly...but I dont think I´ve EVER seen one man score so many fantastic go...
Damn Atletico, you scary!
Ok, maybe he should´ve scored more, but the fact is he got himself INTO POSITION to score those 5 goals, his runs and movement was great, and Mignolet was also...
From DAY FKN ONE of the season Spurs have been playing awfully (except vs. Norwich) and hiding behind the fact that at least they weren´t losing and the defenc...
He´s not even good at PKs anymore, it seems... To be honest, his technique is only good if he manages to read the goalkeeper, when the goalkeeper decides to do...
Drawing 2-2 against Netherlands is awful?
Wow...amazing Honda goal, Japan showing the Dutch how Total Football is done ;)
How? Because all the really BEST opportunities ended in Spurs shooting straight at Krul...sure, he also made some great dives but those were less clear cut chan...
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