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BlahBlah07 gave the Everton v Arsenal video a rating of 1
Firstly, let me begin by saying what an utter disgrace of a performance. I simply cannot believe this squad traveled all that way to come up with this pathetic ...
Burak Yilmaz's performance gives me cancer sometimes -_-
Kompany is annoying sometimes. Every obvious foul he does, he complains to the referee. Pathetic. It is a foul, last man, red. See you later Kompany, leave the ...
I struggled to understand the referee in this game. He seemed like a lenient one, obviously wanting the game to flow constantly (which is fair enough, it's what...
I agree with you, Kaka is so passionate about his club, others...not so much. Passion and drive is essential to lift clubs, but unfortunately Milan can't seem t...
Same performance against Chelsea please.
Chelsea could of sealed the deal in the opening 25 minutes, but for some reason they decided to slow down and halt the game? Doesn't make sense! Mancini horri...
Do you know what i hate, players putting their hand up after literally any call made by the referee. Referee decided to investigate it(and incorrectly he did so...
Suarez should take penalties.
Massimiliano Allegri is gone.
Lack of experience? We're talking about a manager with 12 years PL experience. Typical Chelsea fan, losing few games and sacking manager straight away. Every ...
Rooney is so over-rated.
United defence is horrid. If Moyes is to spend money on transfers, it should be centre backs; not mid-field players such as Reus or Gundogan etc.
I don't blame AvB 100%. Evident that players are NOT giving their %100 on the pitch. I watched the Man City vs Arsenal game, even though Arsenal lost i actually...
Mistakes happen. Courtois is still amazing in my opinion.
So many options on the bench, yet Mourinho uses the same faces every game. Couple of players looked weak, exhausted and over-used.
Benzema offisde...
That was clearly a penalty! Ref got it all wrong!
English crowd at the stadium was pathetic. Chileans started celebrating BEFORE the game, and a non-stop support throughout the game. Crowd is bad. Players are b...
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