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Music. United. Football.

Manchester, Eric Cantona, Paul Scholes, Fifa, Films (Comedy, horror), OLD TRAFFORD.
Why you shouldn't say 'Man U'
We buy any car adverts, David Cameron... and the Conservative party, Roberto Mancini, Real Madrid, ITV pundits and just ITV football in general, JEDWARD, X-Factor, Glory supporters and people who think all United supporters are glory hunters, Cristiano Ronaldo, John Terry, Mario Balotelli, Moaning Arsenal supporters
I'm Joe. Music and Football are my passions (well, watching football anyway :P). I'm from Oxfordshire. I support United because my Dad raised me to support them, well, as soon as I was born really :P I wouldn't ever think about even considering supporting another team. My favourite player has always been Paul Scholes because he's a genius and not your stereotypical footballer. I do follow Reading because they are (sort of) my local team. I hate people who hate other people for who they support. I find football does bring out the worst in people so i've always tried to be nice to other supporters unless they really piss me off
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Everyone hates Suarez. Even Liverpool hate Suarez.
7 years ago
I used to think the most hated player in premier league football was either John Terry or Mario Balotelli. I think I can safely say Luis Suarez is not only the ...
Hmm Stoke are a tough team to beat. A thrashing would be nice though
Arsenal sign Messi:
Congrats on the win lads. United may have been the better team for most of the game but Liverpool took their chances and we didn't :/ Best of luck for the rest ...
So just cos 3 morons do something stupid that makes all United supporters scum?
Liverpool fan doing a monkey impression at Evra: 3 fans arrested f...
Not true :P
Head stamping: 99
Somewhere on FootyTube
Pepe is a disgrace to the game. I'm surprised Madrid aren't embarrassed to keep him in their team. Anyone remember this?
Whoah hold on a sec... When did Joey Barton have credibility?
Come on Spurs!
I don't think Arsenal will miss Gervinho that much :P But yeah, hopefully Ivory Coast and Ghana go far
Apparently the FA have bought in another new rule: Any Liverpool player caught passing the ball to Andy Carroll will be booked for time wasting
We should have done what Liverpool did tonight against City last Sunday and played an 8-1-1 formation in the second half. Seems to get you a clean sheet
Shame they can't both loose
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8 years ago
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