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Apparently we score even when we shouldn'
13 hours ago
Man he should have scored against RM too...what a defender...
Nice win! and Icardi scored... Sounds like a good Sunday night...
2 days ago
You are a fan of 15 teams man.You should be happy. lol
That's what Mario Balotelli had said months
Hey mate,don't worry about it,it has already been taken care off,people post stuff by accident on other forums all the time :) Enjoy the win and see you around...
3 days ago
Hey man , Hope you are doing good. Please deleted what I post on RM forum mistakenly. I thought I was on Barca forum. Don't want to cause a tension. Thank you...
^The same US saved Saddam's ass when out of nowhere he decided that South-Western part of Iran belongs to Iraq so he attacked on poor civilians killing thousand...
1 week ago
I took the decision to remove the posts; end of and no more discussion. I see arguments are still continuing in the Barcelona forums which is creating more work...
^Oh now beside West, Russians want to kill Muslims as well??????? Based on what you said it is completely normal for anybody to wear a suicide vest and blow up...
Please explain what was personal about my post exactly?? If that's the case then no one should post anything on forum, because someone might take it personal.Al...
These topics in football forums are always going to end in tears, as we have seen on the Barcelona and Liverpool persons. I took the decision to remove the post...
Get ready to see your post removed, because this might "get personal" and some people might take on themselves...
What was personal about my comment, except the fact that those are the lines that extremist use to brainwash young kids to recruit and send them to do terror ac...
I am removing your comments it's starting to get personal and we need to close this topic on the attacks, religion(s) etc. If you have a problem with this then...
Make sure you see a doctor if you have a stressful life because you might want to blow yourself up and kill 150 accidentally with a suicide vest.Just saying! h...
I agreed about everything you said C61. What would you say about the actions Chechen terrorists do? They are Muslims and use the same tactics to blow up Russian...
What the heck! We won triple which generated a huge amount of income and yet have to sell Halilovic and cant sign Nolito?!? Something is seriously so wrong with...
Of course Aljazeera tv would make such a video to brainwash its viewers. They belog to Qarar's royal family who are Isis' number 1 supporter in the world...
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