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3 days ago
Lol Malik, it's like you are sitting and waiting for a spark to start a flame with tones of links and sources bookmarked on your browser ready. lmao
6 days ago
Congrats to Mancini and all Nagatomo fans, Montoya officially moved to Real Betis, where they know about his qualities and will be given playing times as he des...
^ "would've loved to see Palacio, Icardi, Nago and Melo in that starting lineup".... Tell me you are not serious about this... Palacio?? really?? the guy who f...
1 week ago
The line up was wrong, the strategy was wrong and substitutes were wrong. Everything was horrible. The only thing I was a lil happy about was the fact that we d...
Wish they had a good fan base on FT, so we could go and troll on their page.
This is nothing but a shame.Who couldn't see this coming? We drew Carpi, lost to Lazio, drew to Sassuolo and whole bunch of other horrible games one after anoth...
^That's not a humiliation,because they love to bend over against Madrid.
GooD JoB!!! Now tell me, how you are planning to share your prize with us Mr. J? You know if you are smart,it is because we are keep challenging you here, so we...
As English fans would say, Mancini f**k off... He totally screwed up with the line-up and tactics.
The answer is yes! sigh
Ok, let's say we are selling him either to United or R Madrid. Knowing that neither Sandro or Munir are in his level, we need to sign someone with Barca's qual...
^I would love to see that, but don't forget they have a really good reputation of bending over against R.Madrid,so nothing exciting will happen there, except 5,...
2 weeks ago
Go home Franky, you are drunk...:P
And we screwed up a free 3 points, forgetting about the fact that football is 90 mins plus extra time!! Also, Congrats for dropping to 4th place.This new trend ...
And he subbed Montoya with Nagatomo again. This guy is nuts.Doesn't know what he is doing....damn
I like that idea, but we are financially struggling at this moment,and I don't think our management will think twice to gain some profit over "our past traditio...
The moment you feel and realize how miserable the life could be for so many in our world, but thanks god(if you believe in any) there are still some real people...
Isn't any other ref available in the whole beautiful and exotic country of Spain except this retarded blind guy?
Man, except his speed, Nagatomo is losing battle is all departments, yet he has his fixed place in our squad. I just don't get what makes him "love child" of Ma...
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