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:P Ok. Yea my argument is that is was a partial "dive". But I guess your definition and my definition of a dive are different. If there is contact and the con...
7 hours ago
It is available for free, in full on the liverpool website.
30 for 30 documentary on the Hillsborough disaster is on my wall. It is a must watch.
8 hours ago
P1 P2
You didn't ask this time around, I guess you found a link? If you didn't here is one:
10 hours ago
In the Robben Gif: First of all the contact is not on the leading foot, and it was not a tackle so there was no force from the contact at all. During the cont...
11 hours ago
Yea you are right Dan, players like Fellaini, Cleverley and Young all contributed to an amazing record breaking season for United. Players of the caliber of Kro...
13 hours ago
@SIF I don't understand how you feel his left foot's movement is unnatural. First of all click and hold on the video and move your cursor outwards and zoom as...
Classy fans. Respect.
22 hours ago
Justice For The 96! Today is the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, the memorial service is going on right now at Anfield. RIP the 96, and I wish ...
I agree Lkerun, he did go down easily (and then the rolling around on the floor like he has been shot), and that is probably why the foul wasn't called.
So, I made a gif of the MOTD slow mo video of the Suarez 'dive'. I posted this on the premiership page as well. I am just tired of seeing people still arguing ...
THE SUAREZ DIVE So I waited in vain for a gif of the Suarez dive from MOTD. So I decided to make it myself. I still see some people arguing that it was a dive...
Transfermarkt's assists aren't exactly wrong, they just count assists differently. It is similar to how the fantasy premier league does it. In my opinion it is ...
Man if only Chelsea could allow Eva to transfer to Liverpool... actually on second thought, I feel Chelsea fans will get even more infuriated if that happened.
You are entitled to your opinion, if you feel that due to ex-Liverpool players, MOTD is biased towards Liverpool in terms of match analysis, then watch Sky spor...
Thanks for posting that ElNino. There are many other Liverpool fans who agree with you.
I am just going to pop in here to say some words in reply to GreatChelsea. Well GC, I respect your opinion and all, so if you felt Suarez dived and the pundits...
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