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@Bplittle Yea, so many wasted sitters. We could have easily had over 100 goals by now.
8 hours ago
WHAT THE F* I mean I have a faint idea on the last bit, but it must have been tough to pull off either way. Freaking amazing.
He should have had WAY more assists. I said a couple days ago that Coutinho had a bad first part of the season, and that was why he wasn't nominated for YPOTY....
11 hours ago
Philippe Coutinho | 2013-2014 | Part 1 And he is going to get even better. Amazing player.
Yes I have, it is getting really really good. I can't wait for the next episode. :D
Have you been keeping up with Game of Thrones? This s**t is getting out of control now! haha
He got booed with every touch for a while in the first half (more like playful boos, since there was a lot of laughing whenever it happened), but the crowd warm...
Think of it as 60m + the 20m we didn't spend on that attacker, + player sales. Last summer we got around 20m, with sales it was around 40m, and we spent 40m+ ...
F* off nets. All the sport teams I support are doing well this season, Come on Raptors!!!
1 day ago
Mourinho admits he will play Chelsea's second team against Liverpool.
Beat Chelsea! need us and City to drop points, even if they win on Sunday, to have any chance at the title. With the injuries to Hazard, Eto, Terry, Cech, and i...
I am going to miss videos like this: And also all those Mourinho phone ins :P MoyesIn... :(
2 days ago
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :' ( Why though, he was a football genius. WHY?! Guys I think we need to protest.
Unbelievable, my post to you was referring to what the op (original poster, Xtsmadrid) posted. Not what you posted. I was just trying to explain to you why I f...
@Unbelivable In regards to the op, saying that it is 'certain' that we will not be able to compete if we don't spend, and insinuating that the owners won't spe...
You know I had a feeling I had heard something similar in the past. That is why I posted that comment. Xts 2 months ago: "This inactivity is really starting t...
Without Mkhitaryan, Costa, Willian, Salah, Kono, we will not be able to compete and we will struggle to even make the top 4... Anyway, I am not disagreeing wit...
@Ramos Absolutely. We need someone to keep Brendan's seat warm while he is at the touchline. Especially during those cold European nights.
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