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Well said, thank you!!
Does anyone have a link to Courtino. Vs Arsenal? Pls
Suarez is a special kind, he will get better with time and good man management, currently for me he is up there with the best, considering he is playing with pr...
The amount of balls he wasted was ludicrous, any half decent player would have made at least one of those count. SO S""T!!
Use have more divers then we have, so don't bang on about Suarez.
That cissoco guy is such a waste!!
Very soft penalty, his bought that one, but are we going to stand outside the stadium holding banners calling for Suarez to be out, I doubt it very much but I k...
Tello is a waste!! Pls do not yet excited if we get linked with him.
3 months ago
Good read!!
Dear Footytube Staff can you pls advice the site developers or manager or who ever it maybe to extend the page so we can see more comments as many good discussi...
The system we are playing is well within my gasp. Lol ;)
Yes agree we are trying to mimic Barcelona which is why we should not go for Tello as he don't offer much to them as well, he is very one dimensional maybe with...
Manure fans best pray for a change of luck and return of form, if we make cl and they don't, boy o boy it would be very very painful to swallow.
They grind out results, by working hard, committing fouls, play aggressive and if I am not wrong in two previous games Rooney should have been sent off but didn...
Don't like Tello!! Pls no Tello!! Our system of football is no good for straight runners, we are currently playing exchange upfront and he would no fit, I have...
I don't understand why manure fans are so surprised how cr@p Manure really are, they have always played rubbish football. with the old fart (Alex) they had the ...
4 months ago
Where can I watch the game??
5 months ago
Lol, we also like Spur a friendly banter here and there, it's all good!! Use look really stronge as a team hope we get a couple more players to battle use for t...
7 months ago
Finally they want to spend big on our expense, I to like Arsenal but this deal would make things bitter.
8 months ago
Forget u mention this, lol Glen Johnson has lost his ways and now he is an absolute, DISASTER!! He needs to be replaced!!
10 months ago
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