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A lot of ya'll remind me of a team from where I live where they put the players before the team and it blew up in their face. Theres no intelligent debate here....
1 year ago
I may sounds like I caught a bad cold but... Does StevieG need to go? Maybe not now, but in a year or two? The guy is hurt half the season. Thats all I'm saying...
Your wish came true. how delightful. now they can start winning
Somewhere on FootyTube
The writings on this website has improved exponentially, and they're always good to read. Well done!
3-4 months later and position has changed slighty. I'm not interested in talking about secondary points that some have raised, I want to stick to the iussue I i...
It was a show of amazing skill, talent, and concentration by both teams. it may not have been the traditional exciting football, but it was definitely exciting.
Because its fernendo torres, his soccer life has turned into a soap opera
Goal line technology would have settled this 2nd goal controversy. its a shame that its available and yet they don't use it. its not instant replay. its tells y...
2 years ago
This game will be season defining. A win here will really propel the team forward and hopefully into a CL bid. GO REDS!
That was a good read, stats and opinions was put out easy to understand. I agree with ya. He doesn't play to his potential. It seems like Ronaldo is fascinated ...
From the ref's spot it looks like Bendtner could have keep going. I do think it should have been a penalty, but he went to the ground to easily.
My brother is the red sox fan. I'm from philadelphia so I like the phillies. Ever watch pete rose?
The title is not a thesis or an opening paragraph. It is an attention grabber, which maybe has done its job. @Juno. Accuaracy/percision is great, but I'm not...
Injuries happen in every sport. Maybe if futbol players had upper body strength they wouldn't romp the playing field like their mother died when an opposing pla...
Your picture needs to be of cartmen. no one will understand your sentiment like we do
Just recently on the forums I confronted a problem that all americans have; the lack of physical play in european football. When I watch the eu football, nfl, n...
Markodon. youre dumb dude. all im saying is watch american soccer. its more physical. why do you think henry just scored? and yes i was referring to the fake...
Great article. As an american, I hate these antics you wrote about, and this is what we all(americans) hate. Until the game becomes more physical,americans will...
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