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Tree2 wrote in On Birdie16s wall
I guess since I have lived far from professional football all my life.. I feel nothing for TFC. I live two hours away from Toronto and have never had a chance ...
1 week ago
Its Colorado and Portland we need to be worried about. It's just past the halfway mark and it looks like there will be some intense months to determine who get...
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You are from Ontario, why don't you support TFC? Its great you support the Whitecaps, I am just curious.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Unfortunately, the woman's whitecaps no longer exists... It should not be too long until the lower mainland gets another professional womens soccer team for me...
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Http:// I am a proud inhabitant of the Pacific Northwest and I love the idea of Cascadia, but I am fully aware how impractic...
1 month ago
Yet another occasion where the Whitecaps are robbed of a win due to a poor refereeing decision.
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Great win against Seattle. Cascadia cup will be ours for another year if we keep this up!
Gemany 7-1 Brazil How are your Brazilians taking it?
Unfortunately, the Women Whitecaps no longer exist so I cannot be a "fan" on footytube. The women sport is growing in popularity, so its just a matter of time ...
2 months ago
With the Cosmos back and New York City FC starting up next season, will there be enough soccer fans in New York to go around? How many of you guys will change ...
Wow... they did.
"WHOOO" cares :p
Yeah, but c'mon, its Bulgaria and Moldova...
You like my new profile pic?
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Birdie16 Cascadia Cup belongs to the FANS!
I take it you saw the Seattle game. That ref handed Seattle the point on a silver platter.
Its Houston or Dallas, you best choose one and stick to it ya hear pilgram.
3 months ago
Martin Rennie wrote an article about why he thinks Canada is such an underacheiving soccer nation. What do you guys think?
XD ...that is all.
I was begining to wonder why I was not finding any other articles on the subject. My bad...
4 months ago
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