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MAN, check out those GUN(ner)S
Joe Hart: Note to self, abandon "sitting scare crow" tactic.
4 days ago
-You got something on your shirt.. -Oh, do I? -FLICK!!!!
1 week ago
That is one of the coolest videos I have ever seen. WOW
2 weeks ago
Was that game a disaster or what.This is all I could think of when we were three goals in the hole...
I NOW LOVE CARDIFF! Just pulling your leg, now that I got your attention how do you like my new profile pic? Not a bird this time.
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Whitecaps have traded Nigel Reo Coker for Rosales of Chivas USA.
I guess thats one way to get out of the kiddie pool.
So I guess that answers if they have electrical recepticals under the table.
Checking blindspot in invisible car.
...Wrong Football...
I am getting tired of this in the news. I personnaly p...
Never going to happen, It will go back to America again before we ever get a free pass to the group stages. We do although will me hosting the W-World Cup next...
3 weeks ago
LETS DO THIS THING!!! against Portland, its more than just another match.
I guess since I have lived far from professional football all my life.. I feel nothing for TFC. I live two hours away from Toronto and have never had a chance ...
1 month ago
Its Colorado and Portland we need to be worried about. It's just past the halfway mark and it looks like there will be some intense months to determine who get...
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You are from Ontario, why don't you support TFC? Its great you support the Whitecaps, I am just curious.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Unfortunately, the woman's whitecaps no longer exists... It should not be too long until the lower mainland gets another professional womens soccer team for me...
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Http:// I am a proud inhabitant of the Pacific Northwest and I love the idea of Cascadia, but I am fully aware how impractic...
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Birdie16 Cascadia Cup belongs to the FANS!
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