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3 days ago
4 days ago
If we were like liverpool for example who have decent strikers this would have been at least 4,5,6 nil
I just head that if pool win this match the maximum points tally for each team is as follows: Liverpool:89 City:88 Chelsea: 87 So hopefully they drop points how...
5 days ago
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
Are the pots drawn yet?
Imo keep cech and if coutois doesn't want to play back up then let him stay at athletico
Bring on super frank
1 month ago
2 months ago
Billybob27 nominated B. Ivanović (32') for Goal of the Week
Etoo you donkey
3 months ago
Read this on WAGNH hopefully this explains howard webb's decision on the suarez eto'o incident "One thing I should point out, even if you believe Eto'o fouled ...
Is it just me or is the premier league team of the year 2013 kinda retarded?
Is it just me or is the premier league team of the year 2013 kinda retarded?
Wrong forum buddy
^^^ actually i thought it was 4-3-3 ;) no probalby 5-5-0
I miss rafa Confession time
And how many has lampard and hazard scored lol.
He's such a legend look "We will see i...
IT is not the attacking players Mou has problem with It’s the defensive players. If we go all out attack, the defense will be compromised. He's worried about ...
4 months ago
Give it to hazard
Luiz -_-
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Billybob27 nominated Fernando Torres (8') for Goal of the Week
7 months ago
Billybob27 gave the Bayern München v Chelsea video a rating of 5
Billybob27 nominated D. Sturridge (21') for Goal of the Week
Billybob27 thought the Manchester United v Chelsea match was dull
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