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Yeah 8/11 are premier league haha
3 weeks ago
Never thought this day would come.... Me at the top of the Chelsea dreamfooty lol Even if it's only for just one week it's Been great :P
On arsenal forum...
1 month ago
Chelsea fan: Chelsea is bigger than Arsenal Arsenal fan: why.....How? Chelsea fan: because we always win trophies Arsenal fan: but we have more trophies than yo...
Hy guys I have created a dream footy if anyone would like to join? Name: ELITE DREAMFOOTY password: elite1415
Hy guys I have created a dream footy if anyone would like to join? Name: ELITE DREAMFOOTY password: elite1415
Great read cheers for that bro
Actually never mind lol
Shouldn't we just use last seasons? It's great you made a new one cheer for that btw but they reset the points so might as well use the old one??
@raj cheers I was thinking that but wasn't too sure thanks. But then wondering if fabregases assists plus goals together might earn more than reus or am I talk...
Also do we have a Chelsea dream footy league for this year?
Fabregas silva reus? Who out of these three do you think would be the best bet for my star midfield man??
Courtois out?
Anyone else think these groups this year are not very even, some groups impossible others walk in a park. ?
3 months ago
Http:// WEll I really don't want to see him go :( best ever chelsea player and I'd want to to see...
Same as abovve but probably going to go with cech in goal no bias :P
Congrats to arsenal fully deserved the win :) Bit sad however as thus ends the brilliant It was nice knowing you :p Congr...
4 months ago
@chelsea61 that's the idea of a highlight clip lol
Http:// If this is true I think he would be a great signing. I mean mati...
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