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4 years ago
Billy218 gave the Fulham v Manchester United video a rating of 1
Seriously a 13 minute video for 3 minutes of highlights? I hate you footylight, and for this, I will never buy nor install your product.
Hahahahaha 30 shots each, no goals. Pass much?
6 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
If they're such a great team why are they 10th in their own league? They're a fantastic team capable of winning every match at home and I love to see them play....
7 years ago
Spot on. I feel exactly the same, he stands out wit his bad decisions, and he's considered one of the best of the world. Shameful & unbelievable..
Haahahahaahahahahaahaha! Unbeatable.. Right! Go Mourinho!
All of those players (except ozil) were allready there. Ronaldo played all his possible matches, and was one of their best players. With Mourinho leading the al...
Not nearly as good as Ronaldo. The first one was entirely Sorensens fault, as it wasnt even that far in the corner. As for the second one, that was a poor wall-...
Nice, everybody got to score a goal
8 years ago
Ya, after barca winning at sevilla its pretty much over :/
What an offensive line- up. Playing Ballack, Lampard & Malouda midfield, the last usually an attacker. Also 3 full strikers ahead of them, not just wingers, the...
Shame really, Arsenal was playing pretty good football. Walcott is finally becoming the superstar he was promising. Fabianski looked pretty steady, some nice s...
Bloody hell, always beaten by some nobody who suddenly scores the best goal of his career. Bleh, loved to see Van Persie's strikes going in, he's looking fit as...
Good to see Buffon back, and Giovinco is still promising top class!
If only the 1-1 didn't come so soon, we might've had more chance to take control over the match. Silvestre was poor (but I don't think campbell, song or even se...
Sup guys! Footytube rules, finally a place to watch some english football. Im Belgian, and our football kinda sucks, so i support Arsenal, the best footballin...
Horrible defending by Benfica, could have beaten the great liverpool 3-0
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