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We only heard the Mancs start singing in the 60th minute "Your support is f*****g s**t!" "You only sing when you're winnningggg!" ;) thissssss.. so true
7 years ago
I agree mate, I cannot f*****g stand how it seems EVERY GAME in the EPL is decided on ridiculous Home penalty calls. What a disgrace.
I know footy like the back of my foot
I think this would be a good farewell season for Kuyt and if they keep him they need at least get another young striker with the class and price of say a Chicha...
N'gog on the other hand, pure s**t, sorry mate
Torres only played s**t in the liverpool match, you're just a moron w****r.. torres will make good, i should know
I've been saying this for over a year. n'gog sucks, he can't deal with physicality of the english game or the pressure. joe cole will be good though, i actually...
After every game i see n'gog play for liverpool i slit my wrists
Lucas Leiva is an easy scapegoat, but he's 23 and the only young player we have with a lot of potential... He's the problem with the midfield? More like the onl...
Great result but we still need a shot in the arm. get a new manager and someone to partner with torres up top, n'gog is not an acceptable liverpool starter
Oh yeah but that rafa was a footballing genius.... :/
Joe Cole was the worst signing.... His wages are ridiculous "I probably wouldn't have signed Joe Cole"-Roy Hodgson
Wow i've said it a million times before and i'll say it again: N'Gog is absolute pants, liverpool fans who disagree are simply deluded and there's no talking to...
Trolling manc penishead, arsenal could absolutely win, you a fortune teller or somethin?
Kinda like the MLS
Great finish by bojan, wish liverpool had the capitol make a bid for him
8 years ago
Exactly, YNWA mate. I don't care what happens I'd never ever ever consider supporting another club internationally let alone in England. Liverpool is one of rem...
Mascherano is such a great defender, whenever he plays back he is unbelievable, the lucas/masch partnership is ineffective, but i feel lucas is a good player (w...
YNWA brothers, we will rebound from this. cheers to the most passionate club in the world, the best.
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