BestoftheRest wants footytube to add MLS teams.
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Wrong Ronaldo dude.
7 years ago
H8ters gon h8
Someone's a hater.
I don't think it's their first time... 2004-2005?
...yup. we all support AC Milan just because they're sponsored by FLy Emirates. That makes a bunch of sense. Moron.
...agreeing with Aaron on this one... any true Madrid fan would curse at the very mention of the catalan giants.
Can you blame Carlo for freakin out? The mans job is on the line. and if my brazilian center back fumbled and let in a quick goal I'd be wiggin out too.
Regardless of how much you make fun of other fans or of Everton, they beat your team today. Bottom line. Grow up.
And you're one of billions of Barcelona fan boys? Liking them just because they are the best? I am not a United fan myself. However, Barcelona fans are just the...
Didja see Alves? Or Villa during the Copa del Rey? That Busquets scene was absolutely horrendous.
Hell Yeah Revs! Taken it to D.C.!
"Checks preferred teams next to names of other commentors" ...I rest my case.
Someone calls Villa lucky and immediately the Barca fanboys come a runnin. Go figure.
Somewhere on FootyTube
... I haven't seen one Madrid fan write Tottenham off, only predict they will win. I think that's the general consensus. It's not just the Madrid fans Personal...
Respect my friend. Respect.
...Barcelona Fanbitch...
Barca fanboys gettin pissed! heehee. Must still be mad about the loss we handed them.
I can't even speak Spanish and even I can say Chicharito...
Me gustas Canales! Feliz cumpleanos!
I freaking love football. Di Maria kickin things off. That kid's going places.
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