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Nao jogou muito nao mas ganhou no esforco e persistencia. Da-lhe FOGAO!!!! Played average but won on persistance and effort
6 years ago
Esse anos tamos de volta a Libertadores heim.. VAMOS FOGAO!
None, he's retired haha
Lucas is a great player, but then it comes down to prefference. Neymar is definitely more skilled, Lucas is very skilled, but his strength lies in his speed, a...
After the second goal Barca was pissed because it was a goal no self respecting team can allow and be happy with themselves for it. You see players yelling and...
Watch the game closely and you will see Marcelo's runaway tackle on Fabrega's 2 legs. If he had 4 or 5 I'm sure Marcelo wouldn't miss those other legs neither.
And by trying to break his ankle everytime you see him. If I was in his shoes I would dive too. Think about it, if you play the ball and you see a brutish "ho...
Personally I believe anytime a player who has an opponent between him and the ball and slide tackles still, and even more so if he scissors both legs without ev...
I think more than anything people respect winning legacies and epic victories. No one's going to remember 10 years from now all the specific details of who kic...
Reminds you of grammar school huh? haha
That's cool. People forget that in all rivalries things get heated, and there's always a tide. Barca is better and on top now. I'm sure in a couple of years ...
HAHA Madrid got a red card in the 48th minute if the 2nd half. Don't you think if there was some reaction to be made it should've happened before then? How muc...
Yeah, but how can you put a price on the shittiest arguments and butt-hurt comments they get to laugh at and bask in from all you Madrid fans feeling all hot an...
HAHA second yellow? 1st, isn't that equivalent? If you already have a yellow, and then you're gonna get a 2nd one, shouldn't you just pull out the red. What's ...
"I just hate bandwagon fans" lol HAHA but it's ok to root for the richest team in Spain, with the most fans, from the biggest city when they're well and not be ...
HAHA.. what the f**k is soccer HAHA priceless. still, if either were good fighters they'd be fighting, not playing football for millions.
HAHA I second RedRevolution's theory. HAHA How can you point out exactly all the mistakes on defense a top team like Real Madrid should never allow themselves...
He didn't even touch the ball.. you're crazy! Fabregas turned away from him, tucked the ball to his right side when Marcelo was behind him on the left. Fabrega...
Haha that's what people say when they have talentless scrappy players on their side instead. haha
Yeah, this is a bad video. But just because he's skilled in Europe doesn't make him skilled neither. The only thing is South American teams don't have the mon...
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