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Cmon guys. di maria has got to win it.
6 years ago
Have to admit, at first I was under-rating Shalke a little bit because I was happy that United got Shalke in the semis instead of Real or Barca etc. but full cr...
7 years ago
Um.... wtf? hes brilliant.
Your not the only one. :)
Yeah agreed about abramovich, and about Drogba, but I think torres will reach his peak at some time, hes just taking much longer than everyone would have liked ...
Tottenham weren't actually BAD, they just couldn't handle a great real Madrid side. After the red card they just couldn't handle Madrid, stupid Crouch.
The commentator sounded a little like Jeremy Clarkson, just a little (:
All great players that you list, but you can't just sign a bunch of players and stick them into a formation and expect them to play well together. btw, ashley y...
Says ur a united fan bro
We lost cuz of a dumbass refreeing descision at stamford brige, we were the better side
It wasnt really...
Lucky? No. Rubbish? Yes. Fergie even said himself he is considering giving bebe and obertan the axe at the end of the season, think that's a bit harsh, everyone...
Uhh barca? xavi, inesita, busquets, messi,
Hate to say it but well played city... great game, tevez is still there best player and will be for a while dunno why we sold him!
Blame hughes for that, I thought that hughes should have gone to liverpool and hodgson stay at fulham
Agreed, even as a united fan I want to see for fernando torres in form
Are you kidding me? That was brilliant, the ball came in at such a bad height, there was no speed in the cross, he really had to improvise to get a head on it.
As much as I hate Cristiano Ronaldo, I've gotta say he is still a class player and still should have been nominated for d'Allon'bor
Classic messi goal, just too bloody quick for everyone
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