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Benji87 nominated W. Rooney (68') for Goal of the Week
Funny, if a decision goes for Manchester United you shout conspiracy, whereas when several decisions in a row go against Manchester United you find the suggesti...
I agree in general with Kryptz, but in this case I don't think Januzaj had to fear for a strong challenge so it was completely unnecessary to dive out of the wa...
... implying Arsenal are a smaller club ^-^ Can't be too smug though, considering how both teams are going so far this season. I've seen so many bad decisions...
Arsenal are one of the richest clubs in the world, so...
Well, you'll understand he needs to keep his players happy, so those who haven't played as much need some games too. It wasn't a bad line up..
5 years ago
Well, I totally agree that United should have made more of the opportunities they created, which goes for the first leg as well. But I do feel they would have w...
I don't understand people who refer to other games where a refereeing mistake has been made in favour of Man Utd, trying to make the point that now Utd fans can...
In both cases the ref ruined the game, the only difference was, in the chelsea game, he made several decisions, but the impact is the same.
0restes11, exactly, he had enough time to think about the consequences and validity of the red card. Not one player from Madrid was claiming it was a red card, ...
Exactly.. Compare this to the Nigel de Jong challenge against Spain a few years ago, that was excessive force. This is Nani trying to control the ball, and Arbe...
Also, if everyone get's a booking or more stringent booking for laying on the grass unnecissarily, Diego Lopez could have had a few.. And most players from your...
I presume this is a response provoked by Arshacute's generalization of Madrid fans, proving Jogador80's degree of reasoning is at the same level as the person h...
And don't forget, the ref only gave Rafael a second yellow after he was being harrassed by the Bayern players.
It was easy to see why the ref sent off RVP back then also. That doesn't mean it was the right decision
I agree. The tactics were working fine, but whereas Mourinho made an immediate substitution, Sir Alex took his time. After the red card United were chasing shad...
Don't worry, I think most people realize there's all sorts of people, at every club. Combine that with the power of the internet, you get a lot of people flingi...
That goal should not have been given. The way I see it, if you take a step back, and forget which club you support, you have to feel Man Utd have the right to f...
You realise you're just making things up, don't you? None of the players on the field, both of United and Madrid, were expecting a red card, and it wouldn't hav...
Why he wasn't brought on, it should read..
I think everyone was surprised. The most logical things I've heard on the subject were that his fitness was still lacking, he wasn't as dangerous as Welbeck in ...
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