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Are you actually not right in the head? I never said anybody that comes to OT should be worshiped and anyone who leaves should be killed, that's your brain work...
It's different because Tevez is an out and out c**t... Whereas the only thing Van Persie has done "wrong" is leave the club he was at in persuit of silverware, ...
United fans don't hate Arsenal, we just hate the fans, I personally actually like Arsenal as a team, and I also love Wenger
You're either blind or stupid... Watch it again, it was clearly offside, I'm sure even the Arsenal fans will admit that.
What on gods earth are you talking about? There was only ONE offside goal relevant to this game and that came from your side my friend, other goals from other g...
4ever, as Silvestre said, the two cases are completely different... Manchester United aren't and have never been, Arsenals bitter rivals, Arsenals bitter rival ...
Only one of those goals is actually relevant to this match, why don't you just go back into Uniteds history and pick out all of the offside goals and the penalt...
For what? Having ambition and actually wanting to win something? He moved to a better club, Arsenal fans could learn a thing or two about respecting former play...
Him going to Italy doesn't prove you know his cousin what so ever... I's been widely speculated that he's heading to Italy... Mourinho's going to Chelsea next s...
Nampuuku, you're a massive bell end
BenHall2K9 nominated W. Rooney (90') for Goal of the Week
BenHall2K9 thought the Manchester United v Norwich City match was awesome
We were lucky to draw because Welbeck's goal was unexpected? So you're saying that the only people that should be able to score are the people that you expect t...
Leoshrestha, you sir are a complete twat, a blind one at that. Are you seriously telling me that the player was onside? Watch it again you scrotum, the goal sho...
Spainrule, no it isn't irrelevant at all, if the ref would of called the offside like he should of done then there never would of been any of this argument over...
Noooo, this one is different because it was OFFSIDE.
Seems to me that not everybody knows the rules... People that are saying it was a goal, go read a rule book, because the build up play was offside so even tho t...
I wouldn't get too cocky just yet, remember, you still have to beat Chelsea by 2 goals to go through if Chelsea get a goal at the camp
6 years ago
When i was reading your comment, all i could think of was 300 aha, it made me giggle.
You may actually be one of the only City fans that I respect, you're not stuborn, you're not disrespectful, kudos to you :) I like richards and Johnson, if Balo...
I really couldn't care less weather you're a United fan or not, i've not told you to stop supporting United, but to wish that one of our best players misses som...
Do YOU even know what you just said, because god knows i don't... To wish one of your own players to be sent off in a match for something which happened in a di...
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