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Donnchadh (Duncan Hamilton) from Flagstaff, United States
Love footy and beer. And a big fat joint in the morning haha And my name is Duncan, I've got three brothers who I love dearly more than anyone or anything, cept for maybe this c ...
Duartej86 (Jose) USA
I was born in argentina and grew up in Paraguay. Love to go out clubbing and meet new chicks. Wanna know more ask.
Ellada10 (Taso K) from Glenview, Greece
I'm a Greek footballer.
Elucari (Eric Lucari) United States
From Chicago, Illinois, United States.
Eric (Eric Franca) from Gainesville, USA
In grad school for neuroengineering, but I get more excited about soccer than anything else.
Familesso (Fami Lesso) from Boston, USA
Fceddie (Eddie)
Figopro1 (Dwayne Powell) from Brooklyn, USA
Footster (Aby Trips) India
I like to watch/play football i mostly play as a right back and very good in that but can play as a winger and also striker in some occasions. TH4T5 411 Y0U N33D 2 KN0W!
Francesco2286 (Francesco Rengifo)
Gantheman1971 (Chris Mitchell) from Peoria, USA
DC United is my favorite domestic club, with Roma & Cork City being my favorite foreign clubs. I also root for Celtic, Tottenham Hotspur, Ajax and a few others. Though I love th ...
Gerigeorge (Manchester United) from Cebu, Philippines (+63)
I love football.and thats the reason why im here in the first place,ryt,,.well you can check out my tumblr if you wanna know me'll know who i really am.. http://reddevilu ...
Gooners (Chris Gogarty)
Gunnerguy (Nara Ganbaa) from Arlington, United States
Halvo10 (Kevin Gian)
Play footy on either wings or a forward. Huge fan of post-hardcore, pop-punk & rock bands.
Harshveer (Harshveer LFC) from Prince George, Canada
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