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Silly comment,very hard to compare players from different periods.Could these players take the kind of punishment the old players took,the game was much more ph...
6 years ago
Terrible game for Liverpool,no discipline,organisation or commitment.The last few goals were like watching a pub team,they didn't know what they were doing and ...
Inter played alright but couldn't find a goal and it was a poor peace of defending for the goal.Sneidjer didn't play great and not sure Pazzini or Zarrate are g...
No their both past it,Ronaldinho is lazy and Kaka was good for a few years but not now.
He'll have to be at his best to get back in the team,sure he'll be fine but worry about the length of his injury.
And he looks a shadow of the player he was.
This is what I don't understand about football,some players like Carroll and Torres cost silly money despite one only playing prem footy for one year and the ot...
Better than having him in defense as hes much better getting forward.Not sure you can leave Adam out on recent performances.
The win wasn't irrelevant because you can only beat what's in front of you.What Man u had in front of them was an Arsenal which,even if they had everyone playin...
Man u are the closest to them,don't fancy Chelsea as their best players are looking past it and Arsenal,we all know what their problem is and they don't have lo...
Great win although spurs spent too long just watching them pass it about without making a challenge.Try to break up the play even if it results in a foul.Spurs ...
Don't even get involved in that sort of my teams better than yours crap mate.Spurs are a great club and so are Liverpool and Arsenal.
Those players would be great signings and would sort them out.
Imagine him putting in accurate balls for Carroll.
Should be instant karma,like the John Lennon song.
Just needs 3 or 4 signings.Wengers a quality manager,if they got rid of him they'd be in real trouble.
Close game,Arsenal obviously need some quality signings and I think Wengers the man to get them.He's been in football a long time and isn't thick,maybe the owne...
If your talking is anything like your writing I'd imagine you'd struggle to speak at all.Liverpool catched it isn't a phrase,makes you sound a bit thick which i...
Not a bad game,shame Bolton gave away that soft goal from a weak Silva shot or they'd have a draw even though they didn't play that well.Not sure about city,wil...
Mostly city but Bolton a bit unlucky with the keeper making a bad mistake.
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