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Believer nominated J. Flanagan (75') for Goal of the Week
4 years ago
No need for a winger.. a playmaker though? yes! and perhaps an adaptable defensive minded player that can do DM, LB or RB.
Some people are underestimating Chelsea i think. Because if they're playing a bit off at the moment just wait to they start playing well, I mean look at the tab...
5 years ago
Witness the greatest football team of this generation, people will talk about this Barcelona team for decades. :)
Faaark Suarez is awesome!
Shutup Travis a goal is a goal no need for that statistical bullshit
Loving the form right now
BvB, Madrid, Barca and Juve for me are the top contenders this season, will be awesome if 2 of them pair up against each other
Unbeaten in 7 games! yey go LiverpooL!
Awesome Dortmund really hope you get far in the competition, huge respect loving the great football
So Arteta scores an offside goal chicharito scores an offside goal suarez's goal is 100% legit yet somehow the linesman says no? sheeesh these referees are taki...
Cant these referees just admit to the need of technology for these types of decisions?.. I mean yeah its great saying the refs are part of the sport and they ne...
Delusional fans, England did play well i agree however they are stil a long LOOONG way off from being among the top 2/3 teams
6 years ago
Wow no highlights? seriously?
Stats are bs man if you actually watched the game you would have noticed how comfortable germany was in possesion and how dangerous they were going forward, hol...
Maxi should get alot more playing time tbh
Lol these sore barcelona fans are cracking me up ^^
Pacheco in the first team for liverpool?? you gota be joking the guy only has 2 goals in his entire professional career, joe cole wont help.. if liverpool cant...
RVP and shesinkeyee to the rescue
Surely RVP is a World player of the year fav. along with Cristiano and messi
I suppose now the question is can downing do the same thing in the premier league, hope so!
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