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I think johhny evans had a good game to patnered with jones, he is steadily regaining his form. you guys remember he was the reason pique left
6 years ago
@Merederem, u ignorant c**t, wat does being from the U.S have to do with anything. where tf re u from. last time i check U.S are a world power, just because u r...
7 years ago
Actually they have the same # of assist, both have 10 nos
Titomenji is just jealoust cause united is about to win the league for the 19th time this year, while liverpool will still be stuck on 18
I think when nani get the ball on that right wing he is so deadly, because he has too many options, he can run at the defender and cut to his left foot and shoo...
He is selfish at times,but i think it because he really trying to make an impact, but for sure he is deadly on that wing when he can run at defenders, and eiter...
Hey hotspur, ever heard of ronaldo.
Me too mate, i hope we can get a great attacking mid, like kaka, i doubt sneidjer is available, maybe gourcuff.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Garath bale is overrated, he has had a couple of great perfomances and now everybody thinks he the sh*t. am not saying he not good, but he not consistent, and ...
Nani will be a nightmare to totenham, on whichever side he is on
Yea, i feel bad for fabio, he his supposedly better than rafael, but he can get in the squad because of evra
Yea dfd is right and adamus is right, but i do se wat u are saying sgt, ronaldo looks like he been living up to that huge transfer fee
Ronaldo is the greatest footballer alive, all messi fan can shove it
Thank you, i would like to see messi play somewhere else than barca, i doubt he would be the same player, hell ronaldo left united and he still scoring goals.
Messi is gay, ronaldo is greater
Barrackobama u re stupid, what makes u think that liverpool will get stronger, expecially if torres leaves, and united pushing for 4th re u retarded
8 years ago
Rooney and Drogba are way better than Ibra
Good work from nani from the left wing, nice goal by berba
This is dissapointing
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