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Ladies (but I draw the line at Sergio Buscunts).
Condoms. Religion. Rhubarb.
The cognitive dissonance of football supporters.
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To all the proponents of "we don't deserve to be in this position" and "our future is bright", you can be assured that if Liverpool are still in the same relati...
1 year ago
The very fact that this topic exists/question has been asked is, in itself, tacit confirmation that the only real relevant criterion for 'success' that should m...
Seriously!? You've never seen Tommy Boy? Are you 10 years old?
No, but it did take me two weeks to realize you hadn't been posting. Pwned
It took you two whole weeks to come up with that?? smh
Wtf do boats have to do with anything? Idiot.
Quit playing with your dinghy. I miss laughing at your ludicrous posts. Please come back and enlighten us more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
"You DO know that Elijah Wood is gay, don't you 'Frodo? By the way, how's your Ring these days? Is it still in receipt of any old finger that will have it? One ...
Or a Ratboi wannabe
BeefCurtains is Ratboi
Hey mate! 2 cool votes for you!
2 cool votes for you!
You clever 99 year old guy XD.
*picks up meal tray, sits with some other prisoners*
You have quite a fan valuation BeefCurtains. Impressive. Why do I think you are familiar? There was once a 'Ratboi' who had traits like yours.
Eden Hazard's days at Chelsea are already numbered. It's a Thorgan conclusion.
Catchy - like a disease. >:-I
Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as...
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